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Welcome to our web site. My name is Miklós Burghardt, I am the managing director of Mikria Kft. Thank you for visiting our website.
Company profile, partners and products:

  • Our main profile is the Hungarian distribution of the flagpoles of the Scandinavian FLAGMORE Group.
  • We have been working on this field since 1994 and as a Limited Liability Company since 1996.
  • Our Swedish partner is the FLAGMORE AB, previously known as AB and TIDAFLAG AB who joined with FINN MARIN SVERIGE AB on January 2005. www.flagmore.com
  • The FLAGMORE Group has become the biggest flagpole manufacturing company in Europe on the glass fibre polyester made flagpole market.
  • The manufacturer is working in accordance with ISO 14001:1996 quality assurance system.
  • Quality is regularly inspected by the Swedish National Quality and Research Institute.
  • This is the first flagpole in Hungary which has received the Building-trade Technological License issued by the Building-trade Board of Housing Institute (Építésügyi Minőségellenőrző Innovációs Kht. /ÉMI/)
  • The breakage warranty for the flagpoles is 10 years.
  • The shape of the flagpoles is tapered, their material is fibreglass-reinforced polyester.
  • The prime color of the flagpoles is white, but they can be made of any color that can be found on RAL color scheme.
  • The flagpoles do not require any kind of further painting, maintenance or lightning protection.
  • FLAGMORE flagpoles were known before in Hungary as "KAFRA" and Bodafors.
  • We can also produce your flags from highest quality knitted or woven textile to polyester material.
  • We hope you will find the most fitting type and size of flagpole for your company from our selection.